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Nov 18, 2014

"Camgirl odalisque"

Codirected by Mathilde Marc and Hugo Arcier.
With Lizzie Saint Septembre.
Music and sound design by Aurelie Mestres.

"Camgirl odalisque" aims to establish a connection between classical nude artworks, odalisque figures (such as Ingres’ or Manet’s), and the more contemporary vision that camgirls represent. Different time periods collide and then merge together. The draperies in the paintings are ornamental and hide what most likely is a modern apartment. The film also deals with a specific attribute of our time, namely, the digitized body. A body seen through a webcam; one that has turned into pixels and digital data. This virtual, ghostly flesh, unsteadily drifting through the networks, falls into pieces as if it refused to stay put.

"Camgirl odalisque". Stills for the video

Camgirl odalisque
Camgirl odalisque
Camgirl odalisque
Camgirl odalisque
Camgirl odalisque
Camgirl odalisque
Camgirl odalisque

Nov 3, 2014

Work in progress. "Camgirl odalisque"

Work in progress from my next project: "Camgirl odalisque" a film codirected with Mathilde Marc.

Apr 25, 2014

My WTF NSFW film on a Pierre Henry music. Hugo Arcier. 2014.

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