I am a digital artist. I live in Paris.
My work is visible on hugoarcier.com.
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Oct 24, 2011

Paris Art Fairs 2011

Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011 Paris Art Fairs 2011
Seen at FIAC, Slick, Show Off, Chic.

Limbus (Rage)

Hugo ARCIER 2011
From Rage video game, Id Software
Music : Mira Calix, Wedding List

Sometimes a bug in a video game can be magic. It gives the keys to a normally unexplored area, beyond, in the limbo of the game.

Alternative editing done for Atopic festival (machinima) visible here :
You can vote for it if you like it.

Oct 14, 2011


« Il faut laisser se produire et apparaître tous les hasards qui sont les hasards propres au matériau employé »
Jean Dubuffet

New computer graphics series.
7 successive 3D scans of the same person = 7 different images.

visible on : www.hugoarcier.com

Oct 4, 2011

I am still working on my upcoming film "Nostalgia For Nature".
Here is a preview/research.

I know it is weird.

Jun 13, 2011

Apr 28, 2011

La nuit du rat

My new video, for “La féline”. A 8 minutes hypnotic travelling into a CG forest.

Mar 30, 2011

Mutation #1

Mutation #1
Mutation #1
Mutation #1
Photo credit : Sarah Zhiri

My new project is called Mutation #1, it is a sculpture stemming from digital creative and manufacturing processes and realized via 3D printing. It is the eruption of a 3D wireframe into reality. It is also an "Ikea hack", its size enabling perfect insertion into the famous Expedit bookcase. Once inserted, the sculpture customizes the bookcase by giving it a futuristic look.

More info here : http://www.hugoarcier.com/

Mon nouveau projet s'appelle Mutation #1, il s'agit d' une sculpture issue d'un procédé de création et de fabrication numériques, obtenue par impression 3D. C'est véritablement l'irruption d'un élément 3D filaire dans la réalité. Il s'agit aussi d'un "Ikea hack", sa taille lui permettant de s'intégrer parfaitement dans la célèbre étagère Expedit. Une fois insérée, la sculpture customise l'étagère en lui donnant un look futuriste.

Plus d'info sur : http://www.hugoarcier.com/

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