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My work is visible on hugoarcier.com.
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Feb 25, 2013

Skull cases, now available for Samsung phone

3D printed case
3D printed case
3D printed case

My two 3D printed iPhone cases, inspired by my Degeneration series are now available for Samsung phones (Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note II).
The design is customizable and it is possible to add your own sentence on the case.

Go to 3DPcase, choose your phone and then the skull design.
Use the code 3DP-Galaxy to have 10% discount until march the 6th on any order of a Samsung case.

Feb 13, 2013

"Nostalgie du réel"

"Nostalgie du Réel" exhibition
"Nostalgie du Réel" exhibition
"Nostalgie du Réel" exhibition
Cross the curtain!
My solo show at Le Cube is open until july the 27th 2013.

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